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Human Resources

MIRTECĺs people with its high scientific level and many years of industrial experience and expertise and in combination with its extremely well equipped laboratories is a guarantee to ensure the company goals.

MIRTEC is staffed by high qualified inspectors, who with their experience and excellent training perform responsible and reliable investigations, inspections, expert appraisals, evaluations of findings in cases of damage or accident etc. Researchers with PhD studies, experienced scientists, engineers and technicians are among the 65 people that make up the MIRTEC staff.

MIRTEC is a scientific development centre as a centre for the transfer of technical knowledge. It organizes workshops, seminars and offers its laboratories for the preparation of diploma theses and dissertations contributing substantially to the training of new technical specialists.

Engineers and scientists who have acquired experience in investigations, audits and research through activities of MIRTEC today are on the staffs of universities, major research centers and industries of Greece.

List of Auditors